Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Decent Human Is Good For Business!

I once worked for someone who told me. "The Hardest Thing You Will Ever Do In Your Life Is To Do The Right Thing". He continued to add, "That's Why you Should Do It. It Will Always Set You Apart From The Rest". He wasn't wrong and for all of my adult life I have always tried to do it right. Or at least as best as I can. I thanked my parents and my up bringing as my back bone to morality and ethics. Truth is, being a veteran of this dog eat dog world, I do it because it's good business, for profit and because I fear not to make my own path to my own peace of mind and my own happiness. It's my Brand!

Adam Smith, the Economist knew this Before he wrote his famous book "The Wealth of Nations". Russ Roberts interprets his writing and the hidden meaning of his thoughts as it applied back then, and still does in our modern day.

Economics is the not really math or business. It's about the psychology and philosophy of how and why you make choices and the outcome of those choices. If you are like me you have plenty of choices to make in life. For your own sake, for your clients, your children and your spouses and the people you really care about.

Turns out that there is a hidden hand that motivates us and rewards us for being kind and wanting to be loved. In turn it makes the world bearable and liveable even under the most difficult of market ( conditions.

Read the book. It's an interesting read and believe me it's not sleeper economics at all. The book will reinforce what you might already know. Or it will shed a new light as to why things are the way they are and why you just need to do your part. You just might realize, being a decent human being has value in this selfish, narcissist world.

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